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There was a time when luxury and durability never shared an engine. A time when you had to choose between a vehicle that could weather the storm or a vehicle that could keep up with your modern habits. The Range Rover is the first luxury SUV to bring these two qualities together so perfectly. This is a vehicle that can take the kids to school and then enjoy a trip off-road. It doesn’t compromise drive quality in either terrain.

The turbodiesel V-6 is capable of combining 256 horsepower with 442-lb-ft of torque. It can move from 0-60 mph in 7.5 mph. Top speeds climb well beyond this to 130 mph. The V-6 gas engine has slightly better numbers.

The real star of the show is the V-8 engine with 5.0-liter displacement. It sports an impressive 518 hp accompanied by 461 lb-ft of torque. You can reach a speed of 60 mph from 0 in 4.9 seconds with that engine.


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Space For Everyone

2023 range rover interiors
This is a luxury SUV and it has the interior space to prove it. The ample room and design of the seats allow you to back it pull and still enjoy a comfortable ride. The bench can be reclined and individual seats can be folded into the flooring to allow for even more space. This is the first time sitting on the backbench has felt as comfortable as sitting up front.

A Variety Of Impressive Engine Options

2023 range rover back view in riverside ca
It’s not very often that you’re impressed by every engine option a model has available. The Range Rover does an impressive job of covering the board and ensuring every type of customer is satisfied. There are standard gas and diesel options, power-hungry V-8 alternatives, and even a hybrid model for environmentally conscious drivers.

Technology Worthy Of A Luxury Vehicle

2023 range rover infotainment
Now more than ever, the integrated technology is a big part of what separates modern luxury vehicles from their alternatives. This requires the most advanced technology from the front to the back. The Range Rover exhibits this with all-round premium LED lighting throughout the vehicle. The Head-Up display takes the latest Range Rover into the 21st century by displaying your speed and other important data on your windshield.

Luxury On And Off The Road

2023 land rover range rover for sale riverside ca
The desire to take your vehicle off the road is what separates luxury SUV owners from other luxury vehicle owners. And when it comes to off-road capabilities, no other luxury SUV can compete with the Range Rover. Their All-Wheel Drive and all-terrain technologies make this one of the most capable SUVs off of the road altogether.

Comfortable Wherever You Go

2023 range rover in riverside ca
Taking a vehicle off-road can be a bumpy experience. You’ll be glad you’re riding in a Range Rover with soft leather seaters, multi-layer cushions, and climate control. It’s impossible to have a bad trip when you’re this comfortable. Seating options vary with some storing 16-way heated seats in the front of the vehicle. Others combining heating and cooling with a massage option as well.

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